AssetView is the leading street level asset location tool. It generates highly accurate GPS coordinates  rendered alongside imagery where the asset is highlighted for the street level. All without site visits being required.

It works by accessing readily available images of streets, applying computer vision and deep learning to the images to locate the objects of interest. Once located within the image, proprietary geo-location algorithms are applied to give real world meaning to the location. When assets have been buried we can apply these same techniques to historic data. This gives the buried asset location on current maps, reducing the amount of digging required.  


Reasons to Use AssetView

Having accurate information is vital for utility companies. If an emergency leak should occur they must be able to respond in the most rapid way possible. Knowing where the local assets are key to a fast and efficient response. It can also be useful on more regular visits; making engineers more efficient as they can spend time fixing problems rather than searching for assets.  

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