About Xihelm

Xihelm is a leading computer vision startup, combining deep learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence to create solutions for real world problems - changing the economics of industries. We have a leading technical team of software engineers and PhD researchers, with extensive commercial experience, patents and publications. 

The company was founded at Entrepreneur First - Europe's leading pre-seed investment programme for technical founders, and later raised venture capital.

Xihelm validated the core technology in several industries, both technically and commercially. The company is now pursuing an agritech-first strategy, where the technology can change the efficiency of a labour-inefficient global industry

James Kent, CEO

LSE graduate with multiple patents to his name. Former Googler.

James Kent xihelm CEO

Dr Clément Thorey, CTO

PhD from Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, using deep learning to analyse the Lunar surface.

Dr Clément Thorey xihelm Deep Learning Engineer

Fred Isaac, Customer Development and Operations

University of York graduate. Previously worked for Europe's largest provider of machine vision systems.

Fred Isaac xihelm business development

Jean-Baptiste Regli, Deep Learning Engineer

Current PhD candidate at UCL for machine learning. Previously received an MSc in artificial intelligence.

Jean-Baptiste Regli xihelm Deep Learning Engineer

Dr Christopher Thompson, Machine Learning Engineer

PhD from Imperial College in Microbial Pathogenesis. Significant research experience and used machine learning in a range of applications. 

Jean-Baptiste Regli xihelm Deep Learning Engineer

Will Rohde, Mechanical Engineer

Studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds. Working on robotic component design.

Jean-Baptiste Regli xihelm Deep Learning Engineer

Michael Karotsieris, Software Engineer

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NTU Athens. Focused on robotics and path planning integration.  

Jean-Baptiste Regli xihelm Deep Learning Engineer

Joseph Roberts, Robotics Engineer

BSc Computer Science from the University of Leeds. Experience in hardware and software development across multiple startups. 

Jean-Baptiste Regli xihelm Deep Learning Engineer